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Alamo Painters


Professional painters at budget-friendly prices

Looking for Alamo painting services? Well, look no further! At Mike Lund Painting, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and we’ve worked with hundreds of clients on residential, commercial, and industrial projects of all sizes.

Our Alamo painting team knows what it takes for a professionally-done paint job. After all, painting a property is more than just a matter of applying the paint. The painting process involves a thorough inspection, consultation on color scheme, prepping, priming, painting, and then touch ups.

In all our years, we’ve never had a client who qas not 100% satisfied. We ensure that the work we so is always well-executed, top quality, and long-lasting. We’ve got a professional integrity and dedication to our work that’s made us so successful over the years.

Interior House Painting

It’s what’s inside that matters, doesn’t it? The beauty of a house is how well-maintained it is, no matter how big or small. If you notice cracks in the paint, mold, or spots, give us a call today and we’ll make sure we revamp the house in a way that hardly costs you anything but looks incredibly beautiful!

Exterior House Painting

The first thing anyone sees is the house on the outside – or even the exterior of a commercial property. And first impressions are the ones that last.

With our painting service in Alamo, we’ll make sure you have a property like no other. With our professionally done paint job and attention to detail, you’ll be glad you decided to make the investment.

The Mike Lund Painting Difference

  • Free consultation
  • Thorough inspection and preparation
  • Professional paint job
  • Quality assurance and touch-ups
  • Timely and efficient service
  •  Licensed contractor

We aren’t just an on-the-fly kind of painting service – we’ve been doing this for 30 years and we’ve been doing it well. Our painting experts have been with us for years and have worked on hundreds of properties.

So give us a call today!

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Mike Lund Painting is a one stop solution to all your painting, wood restoration and pressure washing requirements. Please don’t hesitate, get your estimate.