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Just look outside. Is your deck looking a little sad and neglected, and your fence in need of urgent care? Exposure to the California sun and the humidity can damage wood surfaces pretty quickly. We can help you bring them back to life.

The exterior of your home plays an important role in casting an impression as well as saving your years of hard work and investment that goes into the making of your home. Wood, as much as it gives off a classy and elegant appeal, needs to be taken care of since it can easily wear out. Mike Lund Painting offers you a full range of exterior wood restoration services so that you can make your home look as good as new.


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How We Can Help With
Wood Restoration and Maintenance

Our Wood Restoration Services

We help you restore your wood surfaces and other details so that they last a lifetime. Blemished wood can be an eyesore. However, at Mike Lund Painting, we make sure damaged wood doesn't mean you undertake the path of costly replacements that are heavy on your pockets and are time-consuming.

At Mike Lund Painting, we do exterior wood restoration the right way. Wood surfaces can be easily damaged by strong cleaning solutions or too much pressure. That is why we recommend that exterior woodwork restoration should only be done by a qualified contractor. Our team can

  • Restore decks, fences, docks, arbors, gazebos, lawn furniture, and more.
  • Bring back the look of your wood to its original luster and feel even if it's taken a beating over the years
  • Service all types of wood from redwood, cedar, pine, and hardwood which includes IPE, Mahogany, and Teak, among other
  • Lift the appearance of your entire home and add instant curb appeal thus improving the value of your home

We guarantee to bring out the natural beauty of your wood. The before and afters are stunning — take a look at our work to see for yourself!

Mike Lund Painting offers complete professional packages for all your exterior wood restoration and maintenance and restoration needs. We use only the latest in techniques and equipment while incorporating the highest quality materials for each project. Our years of experience are reflected in our detail-oriented, efficient process that leaves your woodwork looking great and lasting for a long time.

The restoration process starts with a pressure wash that rids the wood surface of grime, dirt, previous stains, oxidation, and wood blemishes. Any debris from between the boards and fittings is also washed away, reducing the chances of mold and fungus. In case the old stain doesn't come off with pressure wash, we recommend sanding. This process also takes care of the rough and old wood, bringing the wood to its bare state and making it better prepared for staining. Any small fixes to the exterior wood surfaces are also made at this time. To bring out the charm, we finish off with the staining process. A natural oil-based stain, the color of your choice, is applied to the wood to preserve its natural grainy look and give it long-lasting protection. Then it is time for review, feedback, and touch-ups. Our work is complete only when you say it is complete.

The Wood Appeal

For centuries, humans have had an affinity for wooden objects as they exude class, sophistication, and elegance. From using it as a building material to shaping ornate works of art, wood has multiple uses. The wooden elements proved to be beautiful, decorative, and functional.

As much as it brings beauty to your homes, wood is susceptible to mold, warping, swelling, and other damages. Insects, too, can eat away at the integrity of the structure. Mike Lund Painting has years of experience in restoring wood to its original glory by employing state-of-the-art methods and equipment to make sure that the restoration process does not cause damage to the structures.

Our exterior wood restoration process makes use of environmentally friendly products that preserve the integrity of the wooden structures, all the while ensuring that there is no damage done to the environment.

Why Mike Lund Painting

At Mike Lund Painting, we make sure that the life of the wooden structures is increased and they look beautiful, improving the aesthetic appeal of your home and property. Our exterior wood restoration process begins after a thorough inspection of the wooden surfaces and structures to come up with the best and most detailed preservation solutions.

Give Mike Lund Painting a call for superior exterior wood restoration services to make sure your home continues to bask in wooden glory! Get brighter, newer, and cleaner wooden surfaces with the wood restoration experts at Mike Lund Painting.

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