Pressure Washing

Exterior surface washing
is our specialty

You're standing in front of your property. Have you forgotten the way it looked on the day you bought it? The walls, the roof, the driveway and the deck seem to have lost their luster. Years of exposure in the droughts and humidity of SF Bay Area leads to salt grime build-up and growth of fungus and mold on the exteriors of properties. All kinds of materials including plastic, vinyl, concrete, brick, and wood is susceptible to this. .
Regularly cleaning the exteriors is exhausting. Let the experts at Mike Lund Painting do the dirty work for you. Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to instantly clean up and improve the look of your place. With specialized machinery, cleaning kits and professional experience we can restore the look of your property in no time. Our team can

  • Clean up residentials houses, office complexes and large commercial buildings with ease
  • Make your property safer, healthier and durable by extending the useful life of your driveways and flatwork areas
  • Bring your property back to its original look which instantly increases its curb appeal by up to 5%

How We Can Help With
Power Washing

Mike Lund Painting provides a complete range of pressure washing services including deck, fences, solar panels and roof cleaning, exterior home washing, and sidewalk, driveway and concrete power washing.

Our team is known for using a special pressurized circular cleaning system that gives a deep cleaning impact. We make sure that the pressure is custom adjusted to each surface that we’re cleaning so that no damage is caused and the best results are achieved. Cleaning is done with water and at times, a natural cleaning agent, which ensures that the surrounding plantation is not harmed in the process. You have our money back guarantee.


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